Hi, my name is Sascha,

I've been working as frontend developer in e-commerce since 2020. In my spare time I like to develop useful tools and websites. I have deep knowledge about responsive design and defensive CSS. Sometimes it is required to deliver separate templatesets for mobile and other devices - I already built an e-commerce-platform using this approach.

I've already worked with several e-commerce-systems, like Magento, Hybris, ePages and Drupal - to name a few.

It is my concern to develop beautifully looking, performant and maintainable systems. I've already used frameworks like Bootstrap. In my opinion it is the best to minimize external dependencies, so building an own solution is often the better choice.

I enjoy working independently, and it is easy for me to organize myself and proceed in a goal-oriented manner.

I have implemented many projects in a team, whereby I can also draw on experience in the field of project management. I'm a big fan of interdisciplinary teams that proceed iteratively.

This is how I work

I've got more than 22 years of experience working as a frontend-developer in e-commerce. I'm working on the whole process - from designing the UI, coordinating with the teams or departments, developing the actual implementation of the design and optimising it.


In the conception phase, I proceed data-driven whenever possible. Initial drafts are often created on paper, but always in consultation with the stakeholders. I am proficient in using prototyping tools like Axure RP or Adobe XD. However, since code generated by these tools cannot be reused, I try to design in the browser as early as possible.


Since I start develoing during the conception phase, team members can already start with the implementation, because the code is already commented and the functionality is documented.

When implementing the concepts, I use HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery or libraries like ReactJS. I'm confident in working with XML and using a version management system. I usually use Git as a tool of choice, but I've used Mercurial as well.

Since I'm working in an international company, I've worked with distributed teams already. I've already been part of Scrum-Teams to implement the work and I've used Target Process and Jira to manage the tasks.


You can't have a good website or conversion, if the website is slow. Therefore, I'm always searching for performance-improvements.

I also have experience in the area of conversion optimization and A/B testing, as well as its evaluation and documentation. I have successfully used this knowledge several times, documented it and presented it to specialized departments. To implement these tests, I have already used a system I developed myself using Google Analytics - and I've already worked with Optimizely.

Even more experience

In addition to e-commerce solutions, I have also created 3D visualizations, CD and trade fair presentations.