A great talk: be the browsers mentor not its micromanager

Andy Bell gave a great talk about how to write responsive layouts with modern CSS

Recently I stumbled upon a great talk by Andy Bell.

Since I'm addicted to writing and optimizing CSS this was a must watch. By the end of the talk I was close to applauding, but that would've been pointless, since no one was around.

Anyways, Andy shows how to create a responsive layout by using modern css and he manages it to do it without breakpoints, which is awesome. He even uses Tailwind - which is a framework I totally hate - but he is using it in a way you probably wouldn't be able to guess.

So here is a short overview of the things he covers in the talk:

  • progressive enhancement
  • fluid typography
  • fluid layout
  • nice approach of implementing grids

So give it a watch: https://heypresents.com/talks/be-the-browser-s-mentor-not-its-micromanager