Prefer WebPageTest for performance-testing

You might discover problems the other tools won't tell you

As you might know this website runs on 11ty as it is a slick tool to build and maintain a fast website. Eleventy is a SSG - a static site generator, that automatically updates links and so on.

Eleventy is build by Zach Leatherman and he also created a leaderboard listing the fastest websites build with eleventy. As I'm always trying to get the best perfromance out of a website, I was instantly hooked.

Sadly, a while ago, my site crashed down in rankings, although I got the four hundred ratings on lighthouse. What was going on? Based on the rankings on the leaderboard, my SEO-score went down to 92.

So I ran the usual tests:

But I got four hundreds everywhere, so that didn't help much 🤔 So I decided to run my site through lighthouse on WebPageTest and I finally got the result - I broke my robots.txt.

So if I have one recommendation for you - prefer testing your website on WebPageTest (or use it as an addition to other tools) it might uncover things you'll not see through other services, and they have other great features as well.